My First Year

Nasty diaperMy first months of life were rather easy ones. Because of school vacation, my mother didn't have to go back to work till August. So she and I spent nearly 4 months together adjusting to our new lives. Those were very special days for both of us and for the rest of the family. Many times, my parents would stare at me hardly believing that I had in fact arrived.

I kept growing and learning a new thing every day. My first teeth appeared when I was 5 months old and also at 5 months, I started eating solid foods. In October, when I was 6 months, my parents took me to a baby massage class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At 6 months I could sit by myself and at 7 I could crawl backwards. Around 8 months, I took off crawling, going everywhere and since then, my parents have tried to keep up with me. I have always enjoyed going for a new adventure and my parents are always finding something new for us to do together.

At 9 months old, I could crawl all over the place looking for magazines to tear up, electrical outlets that my parents might have failed to cover, or anything else that needed to be put up. In February, around 10 months, I stood by myself for the first time and a few weeks later, I was walking pushing a pan in the kitchen floor. It was at that time that I got a pushing toy that supported me and allowed me to walk all over the house. Now, I can even turn around the curves! My parents think that it won't be long and I will be walking by myself without the help of the pan or my push-toy. Hopefully, I will learn before then that Dickens's tail does not make for good support.

At the end of March, aunt Érica came to visit me. She spent a month with me and those will be unforgettable days. It was a good opportunity for us to spend time together and to see a little bit of the Southeast, too. During the week, while my parents went to work, aunt Érica would stay home with me and she certainly kept me entertained. Those were the healthiest days of my first year and I loved the special attention and the care she gave me: thank you, aunt Érica! I can't wait for you to come back.

At the end of March, I had to visit the hospital for the first time. I needed to undergo a minor medical procedure to insert tubes in my ears. Due to the amount of fluid in my ears, the doctors thought that I needed to do that so that my hearing would not be impaired. Even though it was something rather simple and fast, my parents were nervous and very glad when everything was done and over.

Two weeks before my first birthday, I gave my parents the biggest scare of their lives. One day, out of nowhere I started with a low grade fever that went on up too fast. When my mother was taking me to the doctor to find out the reason for the fever, I had a Febrile Seizure in the car and had to be taken to the emergency room. Even though we still don't know the reason for the fever, I recovered very fast and fortunately, everything is fine now. In the meantime, we are hoping we won't have to go through that again. A few days later, the fever went away and I was again my normal self just in time to celebrate my very first birthday. On the day of my birthday, I was ready to eat a slice of the cake my grand-daddy made for me.

Here are some pictures that help tell the story of my first year. Click on the thumbnails below to see the actual photos:

My dad's favorite photo Wearing my dad's baby hat made by my great gradmother Where's the beach? The 4th month picture Haven't I grown?

Playing with my blocks Dickens and I Getting out from under the sofa is not an easy task Aunt Érica and I at Memorial Park

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