My First Trip

AirplaneIn August of last year, I had my very first real traveling experience: I went to visit my grandparents and aunt Érica in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It was a long trip and we could only stay a week with them but we enjoyed every second we spent together. Grandpa Josias, grandma Licia and aunt Érica were seeing me for the first time and they all agreed that I am a very nice fellow. Besides getting to see Guayaquil, they also took me to visit Ecuador's capital, Quito. In Quito we went to a place called "La Mitad del Mundo," a monument marking latitude 0 degree or where the Equator line divides the earth into 2 hemispheres. At "La Mitad del Mundo," one can step with one foot in the Northern hemisphere and with another foot in the Southern hemisphere. It was rather interesting to be in a place that represented what happens within me: half of my heart is in the Northern hemisphere and the other half is in the Southern. After a wonderful week with them, we came home bringing back great memories.

Here are some pictures of my trip to Ecuador. Click on the thumbnails below to see the actual photos:

My grandparents and I My visit to La Mitad del Mundo One more picture of my grandparents and I

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