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Here you will find an ever growing list of anti-war and alternate news sites. Some of these sites reside in computers in Yugoslavia and may be temporarily down. Be sure to return to them, however, to get a complete picture of what is happening in the Balkans.

  1. "Stop the Bombing!" is an anti-war site from the United Kingdom with plenty of news, information, action and discussion.
    "NATO is killing Serbs and Albanians, inflaming a delicate situation and inciting hatred between the two communities. Enough is enough. It must stop now."

  3. This site from Yugoslavia is the home of the "Stop NATO" campaign. You will also find here a few Web links to other sources of information. Everyone's support to the campaign is greatly appreciated.
    "Right now, bombs are killing us. In an unprecedented event in modern history, NATO has unleashed its deadly power on innocent people all over Yugoslavia."

    Stop NATO!
    Please support
    this campaign
    (click here)

  5. "News from Yugoslavia" brings to you articles, letters and opinion, pictures of latest destruction, previous days news, historical monuments destroyed, and civilian targets hit by NATO. All of these and many other links.


    Against NATO attacks on Yugoslavia

  7. "World, united Around one Symbol" (Center for Anti-War actions) offers a fair amount of material, too. Here, you will find actions, reactions, contradictions, questions, interviews and much more. From this site you can download or print the target image for your "We are all targets!"

    We are All Targets!

  9. "NATO Attack on Yugoslavia" has the latest news, air raid alerts, and a map with NATO's attack report. Excellent news coverage and don't miss reading the "Editor's Note," too.


  11. "Kosovo and Metohija" is a site from Canada with considerable information about Kosovo, Yugoslavia, and Montenegro. Here you will find letters, articles, links, questions, brief news and quotes.
    "We believe ALL sides (NATO, VJ/MUP and 'KLA') should commit to a cease-fire and find a peaceful political solution for the Kosovo problem."

  13. The site of the "Committee for Peace in the Balkans" provides us with up-to-date news releases, actions, petitions, and links to other relevant sites. Among other things, the "Committee for Peace in the Balkans ...
    "... is committed to supporting initiatives which promote lasting stability in the region, in particular a genuine process of peace and reconciliation of the Yugoslav conflict, based on social and political, not military solutions, to the crisis."

  15. This site from Vojvodina, Yugoslavia is filled with a great amount of information, reports and links. One of its most distinctive features is called "Service Information." You will find any thing here; from bread baking, or milk delivery to birth announcements.


  17. In the site called "War against Yugoslavia," you will find a number of features, such as the latest news, story of the day, photo story and others.


  19. Visit the site of the Yugoslav Red Cross. Here you will find a statement of appeal issued by the Yugoslav Red Cross demanding the end of the air raids against Yugoslavia. You will also find ways in which you can help:
    "We appeal to all our people in the country and abroad, to humanitarian organizations and all persons of good will in the world, who have supported us since the very beginning of the aggresion, to provide us with vital goods and help us at this most difficult time."

  21. This is the Web site of the Serbian Unity Congress. Among the many features you will find in this site, you will find plenty of news as well as historic information.


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