An Open Letter to Javier Solana

NATO Secretary General
Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
April 1999

Dear Mr. Solana,

I am an American citizen living in Yugoslavia. My children are the product of a beautiful relationship between myself and my wife, a Serb. I am watching what you are doing, carefully, each day.

The most horrifying night of my life was spent due to you, personally. On March 22, 1999, my baby daughter Sara was born. On March 23, 1999, at around 11 p.m. I was watching as you announced that you had just given the order for airstrikes to be carried out on the sovereign state of Yugoslavia, without UN approval. My five year old son was sleeping. I hurriedly taped the windows of my little apartment in Novi Sad, covered them with blankets, and lay down next to my son, not knowing if we would be alive in the morning, not knowing if I would ever see my newborn daughter, not knowing if I would ever see my lovely wife again. The fear was overwhelming. I did not sleep.

For almost three weeks now, day in and day out, your orders are being carried out. All the 26 nationalities of Yugoslavia are suffering because of your decision. Since you gave that infamous order, hundreds of thousands of people in Kosovo are on the run. Since you gave your blasphemous order, hundreds of innocent women, children and workers have died here in the rest of Yugoslavia. The bombs have fallen on a European civilization, on a Christian civilization, regardless of the celebration of Easter, whether Catholic or Orthodox... The bombs have killed regardless of age: old women, babies, children, young men just about to start their lives.

The bombs have destroyed the lives of these people here. Their jobs, their schools, their hospitals, their factories, even their churches. In the Kosovar Prishtina, as in the Austro-Hungrarian Vojvodina, as in Serbia proper. Have you no shame? Have you no morality?

NATO bombs have escalated the Kosovo powder-keg to the point where an exodus of Albanians was imminent, regardless of the case-by-case reasons for leaving. March 24, 1999, is the day they began their departure. This cannot be, and is not, a coincidence. You have become a part of the Kosovo problem, Mr. Solana, and not a part of the solution.

I once considered the civilization we represent as one of the greatest to ever exist. Now, I see that you, as my representative, are a man without morality, forcing a "western lifestyle" which obviously has no morality, except perhaps the morality of monetary gain, the morality of the US dollar, the "New World Order". You have little in common with me, a common American, living as a citizen of Europe.

If you ever read this, though I doubt you will bother, please understand that I know about your rise to power. I know of your career and how you opposed NATO in the past. The only question that remains is: who bought your aching soul? And ask yourself: can you save that soul by sparing the lives of the millions you now endanger? Or is it simply too late?

God be with you, Mr. Solana. May God give you insight into the crimes you are committing, and the good sense to try and recompense them in time. Your hands are drenched in the blood of innocents.

Sincerely yours,

Randall A. Major
Novi Sad, Yugoslavia